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Juniata Library Home: Special Collections

Using Special Collections

Please fill out the form above and email it to one of the contacts provided below. The completed sign out sheet can also be dropped off in person at the Reference Desk.

Any of the following staff members below may be contacted:

Associate Director and Head of Collections

John Mumford


Reference & Instructional Technology Librarian
Jacob Gordon



About the Special Collections


The Special Collections Reading Room located on the 1st Floor.

Special Collections houses rare books, pamphlets and other materials that require special protection because of their rarity or value. Please see the box at the top left of this page for more details about some of the collections.

Local Organizations

Huntingdon County Public Library

330 Penn Street, Huntingdon, PA  16652
814-643-0200        Fax:  814-643-0132                   

Monday        10 - 8
Tuesday       10 - 6
Wednesday  10 - 6
Thursday      10 - 8
Friday           10 - 5
Saturday        9 - 4

Huntingdon County Historical Society

Huntingdon County Historical Society

106 Fourth Street Huntingdon, PA 16652


Hours  (Research Library)

Wednesday - Friday   9 to 4

Swigart Museum

Swigart Museum

12031 William Penn Highway Huntingdon, PA 16652

814.643.0885                           Fax  814.643.2857
Business Office 814.643.2024 Email:

Hours  (Memorial Day to Oct 31)

Sun - Saturday  10 a to 5 pm


Isett Heritage Museum

Isett Heritage Museum

11941 Stone Creek Ridge Road Huntingdon, PA 16652

814-643-9600         Fax    814-643-6221



Monday - Saturday 8 to 5 pm

Sunday Noon to 5 pm

Ask a Librarian

Have a question or not seeing the search results you wanted?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment?

Yes. For best results please contact a Library staff member ahead of your library visit. The library staff member will make sure the materials you requested have been prepared and are available at a time convenient for both parties. Most materials will only be available 8.30 - 12 pm  and 1 - 4.45 pm.

Can I check out any of these materials?

Items in special collections are there for a reason and cannot leave the building. Be aware that users are responsible for replacing, or replacement costs are damaged.

Can I make copies?

Permission must be granted before any copies may be made. Many of our items may be photocopied or scanned by our staff. We do reserve the right to decline the scanning or photocopying of certain fragile materials. Please be aware, copyright laws may apply to some of our material, and it is your responsibility to understand these laws before requesting copies or using the material in anyway other than a personal nature.