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Juniata Library Home: Rare Books

Using Special Collections

Please fill out the form above and email it to one of the contacts provided below. The completed sign out sheet can also be dropped off in person at the Reference Desk.

Any of the following staff members below may be contacted:

Associate Director and Head of Collections

John Mumford


Reference & Instructional Technology Librarian
Jacob Gordon



Notable Selections


Franklin, Benjamin. Experiments and Observations on Electricity, Made at Philadelphia in America. London, Printed for David Henry, 1769.


Hellwald, Friedrich von. Amerika in Wort und Bild. Leipzig, H. Schmidt & C. Gunther, c.1885.    


Hobbes, Thomas. Leviathan: Or the Matter, Form, and Power of a Common-Wealth Ecclesiastical and Civil. London: Printed for Andrew Crooke, 1651.

Searching the Collection

To search the collection:

  1.  Connect to the P Drive. 
  2. Select the Academic Folder
  3. Select the Library Folder
  4. Select the Rarebooks_Hist_Docs Folder
  5. Open the Word Document titled "Rarebooks to 1830."
  6. Search the document by alphabetically by title.

The Rarebooks can also be found in searches using Worldcat FirstSearch.

To search all available Juniata Library materials through Worldcat FirstSearch be sure to use the three word code "PJU."