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Ask the Librarians - Youtube Series

Launched for the Spring 2021 semester, Ask the Librarians is our YouTube series where our librarians answer submitted questions.

Curious about Juniata College or Huntingdon history? How is a book added to the library?  What is a peer-reviewed journal?

For all of the above, or a question of your own, use one of the forms linked below the video.

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OneDrive Form for Juniata College Students, Faculty and Staff

If you do not have an account with Juniata, please use this Google Form to submit responses.

Questions Answered, Sources Used & Resources for Further Reading

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Episode 1

  • Has Juniata College Always Been Named Juniata College?

    • Consulted Sources:
      • Earl C Kaylor. Juniata College: Uncommon Vision, Uncommon Loyalty : the History of an Independent College in Pennsylvania Founded by the Brethren 1876-2001. Huntington, PA: Published by Juniata College, 2001.
      • "Huntingdon Normal School." The Pilgrim (James Creek, PA) Vol. 7, No 18. May 2, 1876. Pg. 286
      • Juniata College Photoshetler.