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EN 163 Science Fiction: Home

Finding and Using Science Fiction Materials Through the Library

Please stop in and see a librarian to find out how to locate any materials if you aren't sure how. The Ramsey Science Fiction Collection holds full runs of many famous science fiction magazines from the "golden age" of science fiction. We would enjoy working with you on any assignments or projects!

Remember your basic steps in research -

1. Select a topic - can you find something you have a strong interest in; and which has enough information to use, and which is original(a topic that contradicts or is unpopular, or is bizarre?)

2. Make a quick review of sources available or talk with your Professor and a Librarian, is there enough material to write a paper on your topic?

3. Delve into the research using suggestions from Professor and Librarian, and scouring Juniata's Library Homepage for databases, e-books, print books, the sci-fi collection, and interlibrary loan(access to 25 millions books)

4. Evaluate each source you consider, is it scholarly if need be, or is it helpful to the thesis of your paper? Do you use a wide variety of sources (ie: books, journals, newspapers)

5. Make sure to note the sources you use for a bibliography and why they are helpful to your paper, going back and finding things can be difficult

6. Write the rough draft, and after some revisions, the Final Draft.  Cite properly and proofread

7. Your Professor and a Librarian can help you with many steps of this process, so be sure to stop by the Library to talk with us

Do We Have Wonderful Magazines? YES, find them in our Special Collections

which databases should I use? the following have reviews and articles on science fiction topics

e-books? YES, Use the below links

Browse Sci Fi books - second floor - PR's and PS's (ie: PR6005 .L36 T15 1962 Tales of ten worlds [1st ed.]. Clarke, Arthur Charles, 1917- 1 copy available in Stacks

Got any print books? YES, use the Library Catalog

DVD's? YES - Library Catalog -

Sci Fi Book Covers

PS3558.E63D8 1977

PS3562 .E42 .L3 1973