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Beeghly Learning Outcomes: Assessment

The Library collaborates with colleagues within and outside the Library to provide an engaging personalized experience for our students that leads to a fulfilling life of service and ethical leadership in the global community.


The Library's Learning Outcomes are supported by the entire staff  - therefore we assess based on all the major areas of service in the Library

1. Circulation

2. Collections

3. Interlibrary Loan and Reserves

4. Library Instruction

5. Technology

6. Reference

7. Technical Services

8. Archives and Special Collections




Assessment Plan

Assessment will take place on an annual basis and will include information provided by Library Staff such as: statistical reports of usage, reference and instruction statistics, collection data, weeding and other descriptive statistics, objective and affective surveys of faculty and students, Research Practices Survey for Information Literacy, Information Access Library Module Pre-and Post Tests, and in-class assessments of student skills and learning.  Librarian discussions of effectiveness and new pedagogy will take place each semester in preparation for and debriefing the semester's teaching opportunities.

Results of Assessment and Analysis will be compiled into a Report. The Report will be used to plan future directions for the Library. All members of the Library Staff look forward to helping to provide students with lifelong learning skills so that they will be open minded, questioning, iterative and ethical information users while at the College and beyond.