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Physics Seminar (Borgardt): 7. Synthesize & Present

Information Literacy activity guide for the Fall 2019 Physics Seminar with Prof. Borgardt

Synthesize Your Research

Synthesis Paper

Based on individual and group notes on the sources gathered for your topic, synthesize the information into a short 2-3 page paper.

Your paper should contain or reference:

  • A definition of your topic
  • Address the various types of perspectives you found across unique mediums (article, blog, video, etc)
  • Identify the similarities and differences in these perspectives
    • Any consistent messages across your sources?
  • Summarize how you would present this information to someone with no Physics background?
    • Is there something particularly interesting you want to focus on?
    • Can you frame your topic around an event or item or application or television show people are talking about now? How would that be helpful?
  • An APA works cited page of all the sources used and discussed
    • A group of 4 people will have 8 sources
    • A group of 5 people will have 10 sources

Present Your Research

Sharing your Research with the Community

Great job for getting this far!

Your synthesis is where you did a bulk of the work needed to create a final presentation product.

Using your Synthesis Paper, create a tool/presentation medium that you can share with your Juniata College Peers. Your audience is the greater college community, and it is important to keep in mind that your audience will hold individuals with no background knowledge about your topic.

How do you make your research interesting, educational, and informative to an audience with such a wide berth of experience and knowledge?

As a group, pick the medium that is most interesting (read: fun) and challenging (read: SUPER fun) for you all to explore:

Additional Resources available through the CTS and the Office of Digital Learning

- Video Production Team, a student ran production team that can assist you with scripting, recording, and editing podcasts or video.  Additionally, the team can assist with poster and graphic design.  

- Help Desk, Reserve equipment for video or podcasting at