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Library Databases

Internet Resources

A Glossary of Cookery and Other Terms - "An accumulation of the glossaries compiled for six Prospect Books facsimile reprints or transcripts of English cookery texts of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries."

HEARTH (Home Economics Archive Research Tradition History) - "Is a core electronic collection of books and journals in Home Economics and related disciplines. Titles published between 1850 and 1950 were selected and ranked by teams of scholars for their great historical importance."

National Agricultural Library Digital Collections - The NALDC offers rich searching, browsing and retrieval of digital materials and collections, and provides reliable, long-term online access to selected publications. NALDC includes historical publications, U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) research, and more.

Southern Foodways Alliance - The Southern Foodways Alliance documents, studies, and explores the diverse food cultures of the changing American South. Our work sets a welcome table where all may consider our history and our future in a spirit of respect and reconciliation.

Books and Journals - A non-profit, public digital library founded in 1996. Their stated mission is to provide "universal access to all knowledge." In addition to its archiving function, the Archive is an activist organization, advocating for a free and open Internet.

HathiTrust - HathiTrust is a not-for-profit collaborative of academic and research libraries preserving 17+ million digitized items.

Virginia Tech Digitized Rare Books - Includes many publications from the library's Culinary History Collection.

Cookbooks and Recipes

Badger Bites: University of Wisconsin-Madison Cookbooks - Containing more than just recipes, these cookbooks provide a look at how food has played a role in campus culture and identity. Whether designed for fundraising or for promotional purposes, they capture a snapshot view of campus organizations of yore and the cultural environment surrounding them.

Cookbooks and Home Economics - UCLA Cookery and Culture Digital Collection - Utah State University - The digitized historical cookbooks in this collection date from the 1700s to the 1900s. Mostly American and British, they contain not only recipes, but also elegant engravings of table settings and cooking paraphernalia, home remedies and cure-all tonics, instructions on managing servants, and more.

Feeding America: The Historic American Cookbook Project - Michigan State University Library's online collection of influential American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century.

Manuscript Cookbooks Survey - "A database of pre-1865 English-language manuscript cookbooks held in U. S. public institutions as well as a database of kitchen artifacts used at the time these manuscripts were written."

Recipe for Victory: Food and Cooking In Wartime - "Presents books and government publications documenting the national effort to promote and implement a plan to make food the key to winning World War I. Within the collection are materials explaining the world food situation, the nutritional value of foods, how to grow productive gardens in less than ideal conditions, and cookbooks with recipes for dealing with scarcity of various commodities such as meat and wheat. Included are works published between 1917 and 1919 in the United States and England."

Szathmary Recipe Pamphlete Digital Collection - The University of Iowa collection includes more than 4,000 promotional recipe pamphlets, published mainly by food and appliance manufacturers and trade associations (the majority are listed in this index). Dating from the late 19th century to the present, this advertising ephemera reflects the evolution of the modern American diet.