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Academic and Open Educational Resource Materials for Ufology Research

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Ufology Research

Helpful Reminders!

Helpful Databases

Analyzing Sources

Annotated Bibliographies

Open Educational Resources: Ufology Research (Free to access!)

Helpful terms to use when searching these databases:

  • UFO and/or "unidentified flying objects"
  • UAP and/or "unidentified aerial phenomenon"
  • Ufology
  • add "sightings"
  • "extraterrestrial"
  • International Flying Saucers Bureau

Helpful Websites

When searching terms on Google, remember to add "libguide" to the end of your search. This will bring up library-vetted resources on your topic of choice. For example: "extraterrestrial libguide" or "UFO libguide" or "unidentified aerial projection libguide"